What is a dog walking service?

Your furbaby family is growing. Now, if your dogs are a breed that constantly requires constant physical activity, walking them can be challenging. Fortunately, if you are too busy to walk your dogs, you can always hire a pro in dog walking Sydney or Brisbane has right now.

What is a dog walking service?

In a dog walking service, you will pay someone to walk your dog if you’re too busy or too sick to do it. The catch is, you will get more benefits than just walking. For instance, the professional dog walker can exercise together with your pets, train them to learn new tricks, or/and provide companionship.

Cost of dog walking Brisbane or Sydney services

These days, professional dog walkers typically demand an hourly fee of $20 to $45 per hour. That fee can still depend on the following factors:

1. Frequency of walking – Naturally, you will save more if you pay upfront in bulk for the walking services. For instance, if you’re paying for a walking service of 4-5 times a week, you might get a lovely discount. The fee will also increase if your dogs demand walking for more than once a day.

2. Number of dogs – Some providers charge an extra fee for every additional dog in one walking service. For instance, Spot The Dog Walker charges their clients $5 or $8 for every additional dog. Nevertheless, you can negotiate this extra fee if you’re going to avail a weekly service.

3. Special services – You can also pay for additional services if you have the budget. For instance, if you prefer the walker to focus on your dog alone, you can pay for a private walking fee, which is typically higher than regular walking services, where your dog will be walked with other dogs. Click here Spot The Dog Walker

Benefits of dog walking Sydney services

1. Consistency in your dog’s exercise routine – Your dog can’t reap the benefits of exercising without consistency in their routine.

2. Streamlined tasks and activities for your dog – If you have more than two dogs, you can save more time and money by streamlining all their activities. You can do the latter by hiring a certified dog walker who can walk, groom, and sit them while you’re at work.

3. New tricks and information about taking care of dogs – Professional dog walkers are trained in handling canines. You can ask them for tips regarding handling your dogs, especially if you’re a new fur parent.

Responsibilities of dog walker jobs Brisbane or Sydney has today

The walker will make sure your pet dog regularly exercises
He or she will also feed them or quench their thirst after the walk
The walker will also notify you about any sign of health issues in your dogs
Depending on the agreed service, a walker can also sit and groom your dogs
The walker will walk your pet around nearby neighbourhoods

Essential dog walking products

Dog leash
Dog wipes
Poop bags
Emergency kit

Presenting certification to you

As a requirement of dog walking Brisbane jobs, the provider or contractor must present a dog walking certification to you. It must be a certificate in either animal training, pets’ first aid, or animal behaviour management.

Where to hire reliable pros in dog walking Sydney or Brisbane wide?

For a trustworthy walking service, join the other fur parents in trusting Spot the Dog Walker. You won’t lose a wink of sleep knowing your babies are taken care of by seasoned experts in taking care of dogs. Visit spotdogwalk.com.au for a price quotation of a walking service.